Nehmen eines guten Blickes an den Nevada Kasino-Spielen

For the player of basic strategy, Blackjack is the best gambling 'buy' in Nevada.

And for the player who can skillfully case the deck, the game offers the only opportunity in the casino to play against the house and have a statistical probability of winning. Some other games (craps, for example) offer a variety of bets, involving greatly different house odds, from which a player may choose.

But even the knowledgeable player can do no better than to select bets at craps that give a low house percentage (in the neighborhood of 1 percent) and avoid the sucker bets that almost assure early bankruptcy.

Some other games (roulette is one) offer a wide range of pay-off propositions, but all require exactly the same house odds. One popular game, keno, offers a tempting possibility of winning a small fortune for a minor investment, but the chance of doing so is infinitesimal, and the house take on this greedy game is formidable (around 20 percent).

A few card games, such as poker, do offer the player the opportunity to use judgment and thus to outplay his opponents, but in these the game is against the other players, with the casino dealer merely acting as broker and exacting a fee or a percentage from the winning pots. The house cut is so large that a reasonable result is to have every player at the table eventually losing, with the casino ending as the only one with a profit.

This feature makes a substantial win difficult, although poker can be an entertaining diversion. The slot machines, with their inexorable and usually high house stake, should be labeled, 'For Amusement Only', and anyone who plays them very long or for any other purpose will find that his only 'amusement' will be in seeing his money disappear. In greater or lesser degree, all the other casino games, of which there are many, exact a percentage of each bet, on the average, from the player.

In the long run--- and often, in the short run, this percentage cannot be overcome.

Yet it is not advisable for the occasional visitor to Nevada to abstain completely from a bit of excitement in trying his luck at a few of these games. Some occasionally throw a few nickels into the slots. Well, since some know the fairly reasonable bets that can be made on the dice table. Some would try and gamble einige Dollar dort. Einige können eine Spitze am roulette sogar vergeuden oder irgendwie schlechter.